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Beech Grove Farm Gallery

Beech Grove, Pennsylvania

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Located in the Allegheny plateau of northern Pennsylvania, Anne and Eric Nordell farm an 6-acre market garden with horse-drawn implements and an intricate rotation of cover and cash crops. They sell to restaurants, supermarkets and at the Williamsport, PA farmers market.

Eric Nordell discs rye and vetch residue in preparation for late-season crops.

A greenhouse with a wood-heated germination table produces a large variety of transplants for the diverse market garden.

Horse and pig manure is composted with the help of a pair of industrious pigs, helping to reduce weed seed pressure and improve recycling of nutrients on-farm.

Eric Nordell demonstrates tilth and moisture retention of disced, winter-killed pea and oat cover crop.

Potatoes for fresh market and storage are a major crop at Beech Grove farm, in addition to onions, garlic, lettuce, and a variety of warm-season crops.

Interseeding artistry: from left: vetch interseeded into onions, barrier strip of oats and buckwheat, buckwheat interseeded into lettuce, and winter squash (row covered against cucumber beetles)

NEON researcher Chuck Mohler listens to Eric Nordell describe the use of hilling discs to trim interseeded vetch away from leeks.

Anne and Eric Nordell harvest garlic into a horse-drawn wagon

Rolling soil to firm it and preserve moisture for fall cover crops.

A four sweep cultivator helps to manage soil moisture and weeds. The rolling shield protects tender crops like lettuce during the first cultivation, and can be replaced with a fifth sweep to make a field cultivator for summer fallowing.

Carrots interseeded with rye, flanked by fall cole crops.

A vigorous stand of oats, peas, and sorghum-sudangrass producing organic matter and fertility for next year's crops.

Seeding rye and spelt in October for an overwintered cover crop.